What are the “Five sleepiest states” for truck drivers?

Many drivers experience long hours and CCJ Digital has revealed what they believe to be the five sleepiest states for truck drivers. By sleepiest states they mean states in which drivers take their longest breaks and stops. A trucking company used ELD data to determine these states. Most everyone has converted to electronic logging devices making it easier for tracking purposes. As reported by CCJ Digital those states are Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, Nevada and New Mexico. This might seem like some fun piece of research to know, but data like this helps shippers and carriers know where their larger bodies of truckers tend to be at. They can best figure out how to utilize truck capacity by notifying relevant parties in different areas. Electronic logging devices were mandated and most trucks in the country were using them by the end of 2019. Considering it’s been a few years the technology is only destined to get better to better distribute our loads and drivers across the country.