Deadline looms for new emissions regulations impacting trucking in California

California truck drivers have been dreading the moment when new emissions rules will go into effect, due to the likely elimination of tens of thousands of trucks from California roads. In 2008 a set of regulations was signed into law by Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the last rule is set to take effect this January 1. This rule bans diesel trucks with engines made before 2010. The California Air Resources Board is leading these efforts and Sydney Vergis expresses that, “this is one of the most significant mobile source regulations that California, as a state, has ever taken on air quality, in terms of protecting public health in our communities”.

CBS News reported that even though “CARB’s Truck and Bus Regulation has been on the books for 14 years, its implementation couldn’t come at a worse time. The pandemic has caused supply chain problems and a shortage of drivers. At the stroke of midnight on New Year’s, an estimated 80,000 trucks will suddenly become illegal in California”. This ban will apply to all trucks moving through the state, so

there are intense predictions about how this will impact the supply chain as goods arrive in California. Click here for a full read!