Deputy Pulled from Burning Car by Tow Truck Driver

Richard Borsgtrom receiving award.

This afternoon, we were honored to formally recognize Richard Borsgtrom, the hero who pulled Deputy Kiana LeMelle from her burning patrol car back on July 26th. This was the first time Deputy LeMelle has had the opportunity to meet Richard and thank him for his selfless act of bravery that saved her life. It was an emotional event and we are forever grateful for Richard’s quick actions on that fateful night. We would also like to thank Mr. Roberto Trevino, Executive Director of the Harris County Toll Road Authority – HCTRA, for presenting a plaque to thank Mr. Borgstrom as well. Finally, we want to express appreciation to Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) for hosting today’s event and for presenting Mr. Borgstrom with a plaque on behalf of their organization.