International truck launches updated powertrain

Las Vegas, NV – Transport Topics reports, “Navistar Inc. premiered a new, integrated powertrain as part of an update for its International LT Series truck line Aug. 16.” The S13 Integrated Powertrain, developed by Navistar in collaboration with Traton Group, is made up of three distinct components: an engine, a transmission, and an after-treatment system. According to company executives, the setup improves fuel efficiency by up to 15% over the first-generation A26 engine.

A close look at the Navistar S13 Integrated Powertrain

This updated powertrain is one of several features of an updated aerodynamic package on the LT Series, which is tailored to linehaul applications. This aero package includes closeouts for diesel exhaust fluid and fuel filters, steering wheel closeouts, a modified lower skirt trim, and a new roof extender.