Do you want to foster creativity in your company?

Some might think it’s hard or uncommon to create a culture and environment of creativity for your employees, but it is actually a great foundation for innovation. Fleet Owner shares 5 tips on how to promote a creative environment within trucking.

  1. Build on ideas: Before agreeing to pursue an idea or not, encourage more conversations around the ideas suggested. Build the idea of how it can better help the whole company
  2. Practice mindfulness: Being able to give an idea room to breathe will allow you to generate other thoughtful ideas
  3. Play “What If”: Consider ways to solve your issues in not-so-conventional ways. Think outside the box and ask “what if?” to situations you might not normally
  4. Embrace diversity: Diversity of thought and background is the recipe for creativity leading to innovation. Connect with people in different teams and departments to learn something new!
  5. Encourage bravery: Let your employees know that it is encouraged to share new ideas. Innovation and creativity are welcomed!

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