Women in trucking, a male-dominated industry

Women in trucking is an ongoing effort by a few different entities. We reported how the Biden administration prepared workforce programs focusing on women and younger drivers. These efforts have been even more visible recently due to the ongoing driver shortage. Business Insider recently reported that “roughly 91,000 – or around 6% – of the 1.52 million workers in the trucking industry have handed in their keys” since the pandemic. Some drivers have been recouped but the shortage is still felt throughout the industry.

Women make up only 7.8% of all truckers. The industry is looking for technological innovations to make the industry more appealing to women. One way this is taking place is by relieving the physical demands that come with being a truck driver. Volvo Group North America’s new generation of Mack trucks and Volvo trucks, include a higher range of seat and wheel positions to provide the best ergonomics for each body type. The assisted-steering system has lessened the force by 85% according to the article. This will make certain parts of the job easier, potentially attracting more women to consider trucking. Many are also driving the perspective that technology in trucking is a cultural change in a positive direction. Technology is changing and improving every day so we should grow and adapt accordingly. Click here to learn more about how technology is bringing women to trucking.