Elon Musk says Tesla raising full self-driving price to $15,000

According to Transport Topics, “Tesla Inc. will start charging $15,000 for the driver-assistance features it calls Full Self-Driving, raising the price of the controversial product for the second time this year,” effective on September 5 in North America. The current price is $12,000 and those who have placed orders before that date will have their orders honored at that price.

The Tesla Full Self-Driving (FSD) has been criticized over time due to it’s features that require consistent and active supervision by humans that don’t make it fully autonomous. The California Department of Motor Vehicles has charged the company with misleading customers about FSD and its more limited Autopilot system. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration in the United States has also launched two separate investigations to determine whether Autopilot is defective.

Tesla last increased the FSD price by $2,000 in January. The company announced last month that by the end of the second quarter, more than 100,000 drivers had access to FSD Beta. Click here to read the full story.