Female truck driver using TikTok to recruit more women drivers

Clarissa Rankin films her TikTok videos from the cab of her 18-wheeler, which she named Sparkle, Irina Ivanova reported for CBS News. She has over 1.5 million followers and posts videos about her career as a truck driver.

Fewer than 1 in 10 truck drivers are women, according to the Women in Trucking Association. And Rankin is on a mission to change that.

“I love the road,” Rankin said. “And it’s a break away from life, cause the only thing you’ve got to worry about is driving the truck.”

The mother of two, from Charlotte, became a truck driver out of necessity after a criminal justice degree put her more than $50,000 in debt, she told CBS. In her first year as a CDL-A truck driver, she made $50,000. Now, she’s reportedly making over $150,000 from driving alone, excluding the extra thousands she makes a month from social media endorsements.

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It wasn’t always easy though. Rankin said she was turned down for six truck driver positions before landing a job.

“A woman actually was the one who gave me my first CDL job,” she told reporters.

Still, she encourages other women to enter the male-dominated field. And her TikToks have inspired some to do so.

Michelle Locke told CBS that she got into trucking after seeing a TikTok of Rankin counting dollar bills.

“If she can do it, I can do it,” Locke said. “I can retire from this.”

Story courtesy of CBSnews.com.