Happiness in Trucking

Trucking has been placed in the top three most burnt out careers amongst all industries. Being able to make choices that will improve and propel your experience in the trucking industry will only help! Happiness can mean anything to anyone. For some it’s just getting through the day with satisfaction that they completed what they needed to. For some it’s going above and beyond your basic responsibilities and for others it’s just having a great playlist! It’s no secret that being a truck driver isn’t the sexiest job and we get it. It’s a tough job and drivers deal with many punches being thrown their way. A happy trucker is not only a driver who is in it for the paycheck but has a deeper passion for the job. They love the open roads, or the simple act of driving, the feeling of being a part of something so great yet so silent. Along with all the pros to being on the wide-open road, it takes self-determination and encouragement.  Being able to maintain a good attitude no matter what comes your way.