Have you heard about the expansion of the Iowa 80 truck stop’s truck museum?

The Iowa 80 Truck Stop is located on Interstate 80 and is home to hundreds of classic trucks, a truck museum and so much more! Founded by Bill Moon, he has always had a passion for antique trucks and collecting them. His personal collection might make a showcase this time around! They hold an annual Jamboree to showcase all their trucks, and this year, attendees of the Trucker’s Jamboree are in for a surprise! Dave Meier, who is the curator of the museum also oversees the grounds. This year there is an additional 32,000-square-feet he needs to oversee. Some of the trucks seen here might not even be seen in national truck shows. Dave’s favorite is a 1922 Walter snowplow that was clearing the streets of New York back in the day.

Most of these trucks are one-of-a-kind and haven’t been seen elsewhere. They even show films in their REO theater about trucks. With different exhibits like antique, toys, trucks and more you are promised an amazing time! The Trucker’s Jamboree is set to take place July 14-16. To learn more about the largest truck stop, click here.