Kodiak Robotics pilots autonomous trucks between California, Texas and Florida

Kodiak Robotics, an autonomous trucking firm, recently completed a coast-to-coast commercial run for 10 Roads Express, a USPS postal carrier, between Texas, California, and Florida. The experiment represents the launch of Kodiak’s first autonomous freight service to Florida. Yahoo! Finance recently reported that, “the freight run included four commercial deliveries on a 5,600-mile round-trip that started in San Antonio and went to San Francisco and then Jacksonville before going back to San Antonio. In total, the trip took 114 hours.”

Although it’s against the law to test or use heavy-duty autonomous commercial vehicles in California, Dan Goff, Kodiak’s head of external affairs, claims that when the company is there, Kodiak runs at a Level 2 system, or an advanced driver assistance system. Over 90% of the time throughout the pilot, Kodiak’s autonomous system was in operation; disengagements were brought on by things like challenging construction zones, general driver discomfort, and once, a hardware issue. Click here to learn more about Kodiak’s strategies.