Landstar recognizes 142 new million-mile safe drivers and Roadstar honorees

Landstar System, Inc. honors owner-operators that have driven at least one million consecutive miles with Landstar without a preventable accident. Trucker News reported that Landstar honored “112 new One Million Mile Safe Drivers, nine new Two Million Mile Safe Drivers, and five new Three Million Mile Safe Drivers.” 16 drivers were specifically recognized for the Roadstar designation and it is Landstar’s

highest honor for truck owner-operators. They are recognized for their skill and dedication to their profession and the industry. There are currently 172 Roadstar honorees overall.

CEO Jim Gattoni expresses that “Landstar is proud to recognize these 142 independent owner-operators for their safety records and professionalism behind the wheel. Their skill and dedication to their profession make the roads safer for all of us.” Click here for a full list of this year’s honorees.