Louisiana officials offering free truck driver training program

Student truck driver trains in parking maneuvers

The Louisiana Workforce Commission is offering truck driver training grants for prospective drivers to get their CDL to help ease the truck driver shortage in the state, 4WWL reported last week.

The “Drive Your Future” program will reportedly pay for qualifying Louisiana residents to attend certain accredited truck driving schools. The commission told reporters it is focused on recruiting veterans and the underemployed.

“From food to furniture, truck drivers help keep Louisiana’s economy moving,” LWC Secretary Ava Cates told WWL.“The pandemic dealt a blow to the truck driving industry, one critical to our state. This program will help get a new crop of drivers on the road and help keep goods flowing.”

Several American ports have experienced bottlenecks for months and supply chain disruptions have plagued the country since the onset of the pandemic. With a decades-long driver shortage coming to a head, federal and state municipalities are implementing programs to get more professional truck drivers on the road.

“The truck driver shortage isn’t going away anytime soon, and we have a responsibility to get goods and services to Louisianians in a timely fashion,” Cates told reporters. “The most impactful way LWC can deliver is to get people trained and get drivers behind the wheel.”

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Story courtesy of WWLTV.