Mirror, mirror: Where’d you go?

Drivers begin to embrace benefits of going mirrorless

Good carriers are always looking for ways to provide a better experience behind the wheel for their drivers. As part of that, some carriers are swapping out truck mirrors for camera-based systems and drivers are liking what they see.

For example, Dean Newell, vice-president of safety and driver training at Maverick Transportation in Little Rock, Arkansas, said they’re glad they made the switch to a high-definition, multi-camera system. Recently, Maverick announced that all of their new trucks will be spec’d with MirrorEye, the first camera monitor system to receive a federal exemption from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration.

“The feedback that we’ve gotten from the drivers is absolutely phenomenal,” Newell said, adding five strategically placed cameras allow drivers to see around trucks and eliminate blind spots. “Being an ex-driver myself, I know what that’s like to have to lean and look two or three times (before turning and changing lanes).”

Drivers have responded positively to the improved visibility in low-light conditions that the MirrorEye system offers. “The night vision has definitely improved,” Newell said. “When you go back into a dock in a dark hole, you don’t have that dark hole anymore. When they make a turn, the camera actually pans out. So, they don’t lose sight of the trailer and they all thought that was a big benefit to it.”

Flatbed carrier Montgomery Transport, based in Birmingham, Alabama, has also been using MirrorEye. Driver feedback there helped lead the company to spec the technology with every new truck.  

“MirrorEye is one of the most impactful pieces of equipment I’ve ever used in my trucking career,” said Rosko Craig, 2018 Montgomery Driver of the Year and Alabama Trucking Association’s 2019 Driver of the Year. “The system allows me to see objects around my truck that were previously impossible to see from the driver’s seat of my cab. And the infrared cameras and digital monitors provide a clear view at night and the ability to peek through rain, snow, fog and tire spray take driving to a whole new level.”