NEW: MVL rewards drivers with experience at previous truck-lines!

Morgan Van Lines wants to go above and beyond for our hard-working drivers, so we’re paying them more! This year, we not only increased CPM base pay for our drivers across the board but are now offering higher pay for drivers who switch over to MVL after spending years at a different truck-line.

“We want to recognize and reward the professional truck driver who is not a job-hopper, who stays with a truck-line for more than just a few months,” MVL safety manager David Johnson said. “These drivers deserve to keep their seniority when they want to move to a better career home.”

Drivers with less than two years of previous driver experience can make up to $.50 CPM. But those with more than two years of previous driver experience can make up to $.55 CPM — allowing those who have built seniority at their prior carrier to reap the benefits of their hard work.

“This is what MVL was built for: Offering more driver-focused careers so we can offer customer-focused solutions,” General Manager Adam Morgan said.

MVL offers our drivers excellent home time, late model equipment, weekly guaranteed pay, comprehensive benefits, pet/rider policy, paid vacations/holidays, 401k with company contribution, and more.

Want to drive for MVL? Reach out to us today to see how we can go above and beyond for you!