North Carolina woman is being praised for saving truck driver when no one else would step up to help

A North Carolina woman who saved a driver who was trapped in his truck following a crash is being praised by truckers across the country for her actions.

On October 19, Facebook user Jenny Haithcock shared an instantly viral story about how she took action to save a trapped truck driver after coming upon a crash site.

The crash occurred at approximately 7:30 a.m. on October 19 on I-95 southbound near Rocky Mount, North Carolina when a Kia Optima attempted to pass an SUV but sideswiped a semi truck, causing it to overturn in the median.

Everyone survived the crash, but Haithcock found herself in a situation where she had to act as everyone else stood back and filmed the crash instead of coming to the aid of a truck driver in distress.

Haithcock wrote:

“I found out today the types of people In this world , I witnessed 1st hand the scariest thing I’ve ever encountered . The man driving the 18 wheeler was trapped inside the truck screaming for help. Pinned down from the driver seat and stuck because of the seat belt and I’m the only one standing there . I waived and screamed at numerous vehicles to stop and help me help this man. But instead everyone drove past with their phones in their hands recording or taking videos and it disgust me . I managed to pry the door open lift the seat and cut the seat belt and get this man out of this burning, & smoking truck. While everyone still rode by with their phones in their hands about to cause another wreck . I’m beyond glad the lord had me in that exact spot at that exact time or who know what the outcome for that man would have been! He thanked me so much he had me crying . Everyome will walk away from the accident thankfully !

UPDATE: I’m being told there is no way I could have helped that man out of the truck alone . The people you see by the guard rail are the first people who stopped and was actually behind the wreck and seen it all . There’s a young lady sitting on the guard rail which is the driver of the other car . The people you see standing with her were with her the entire time . The MAN <3 with the green stripe down his shorts is the man that was in the 18wheeler that i got out of the truck there is one more person standing beside us which is the person who was yelling at me to leave the man in the truck . I’m not claiming to be hulk or posting to be a hero , I’m posting because I’m in disgust of the reaction of everyone driving by with their phones in their hands taking pics and recording . What if he didn’t make it and was lying there dead and yall ride by and take pics and videos and thats how his family’s finds out ? Or what if it was your family member and they are in need of help and people just ride by and not help but broadcast what happen all over social media . I have no reason to lie about what happen I know what happend and how I helped that man and as long and me and him know and the lord above know thats all that matters”

In just days, the post has been shared thousands of times. Hundreds of truckers have taken time out to thank Haithcock for her actions that day.