Ohio, Kentucky apply for federal grant for new interstate bridge

Kentucky and Ohio governors both recently applied for a $1.66 billion federal mega infrastructure grant that would help push forward their goals to build a bridge to accompany the Brent Spence Bridge. As reported by TransportTopics, the Brent Spence Bridge, which carries Interstate 71 and I-75 over the Ohio River, “supports 160,000 vehicles daily and 43 million tons of truck freight, twice the capacity it was designed to safely accommodate when it opened in 1963”. Considering it has been almost 60 years since, it’s time for some more support in the area.

I-75 specifically is an important freight corridor from Canada to Florida, so the fact that things have slowed down due to this issue means it could impact freight and commerce throughout the eastern coast of the United States. Officials came together on June 7, to talk about getting a new bridge built, hopefully by January 2029. Click here for full story.