Diesel thieves target Sacramento trucking company

As we are seeing record high diesel prices across the world, we are also seeing an increase in diesel thefts. A Sacramento trucking company, as do many others, is struggling with diesel theft being taken out of their trucks. The state’s average is almost $7 per gallon. One driver reported that, “what they do is put a 5 or 10-gallon tank at the bottom and they literally poke a hole where they get the most fuel out … sometimes we feel like it would be better off for that guy to come and say, ‘Hey, I’m gonna steal your fuel.’ And we would rather give him the money”. Not only is the diesel stolen, but now the driver must fix the poked hole and go get more diesel again.

Law enforcement in California has seen an increase in fuel thefts this past week. The number of trucks in a lot make it difficult for law enforcement to catch thieves. Drivers are now having to hire security to protect their trucks and diesel, making it harder for thieves to even get access to the trucks in the first place.