Port of Oakland reopens as AB5 trucker protest moves to a “Free Speech Zone” 

We’ve been following the protests at the Port of Oakland and they have recently re-opened. A trucker blockade that prevented the Port of Oakland from operating for about a week has been temporarily resolved. Port officials have pledged to “liaise” with Governor Newsom over the effects of the independent contractor statute AB5 on the trucking business. When a trucker protest shut down the Port of Oakland last week after AB5 went into effect for the trucking industry on June 30, after the Supreme Court declined to hear their challenge to it, two very different notions of AB5 and the Port of Oakland met. As a result, large numbers of truckers stopped the ports at Oakland, Long Beach, and Los Angeles. However, that demonstration in Oakland is over—at least for the time being.  

According to a temporary deal made by the port and the truckers, the Port of Oakland has reopened and the truckers will no longer block the port, according to KPIX. There is now a “Free Speech Zone” and local law enforcement will be present in the area as well. Click here for the full story.