Port of Oakland sues for an injunction against AB 5 protestors

As of July 25, port officials in Oakland filed a suit against the truckers that have been protesting against AB 5. The suit asks California Superior Court to render judgment to prohibit protest participants from engaging in various alleged “illegal activities.” Overdrive reported that the “city of Oakland and port officials filed the lawsuit, alleging a carefully planned and orchestrated campaign to block traffic, create  safety hazards for persons intending to work and/or do business at the port, and prevent vital interstate and international commerce from being conducted.”

Some of the illegal activities were walking outside of the left edge of roadway, failure to yield, stopping or delaying traffic, and more. Finally, the port requests a temporary restraining order as well as a preliminary injunction to prevent “blocking or obstructing vehicular or pedestrian traffic, violating traffic laws or other laws, preventing persons with legitimate business on plaintiff’s property from conducting that business,” among other things. Click here for the full story.