Seattle carrier tests single-lane relay strategy to increase utilization

Seattle carrier combines a proprietary technology platform with single-lane relay strategy to increase utilization

This is an interesting strategy where one driver is starting in Oregon to bring it to Northern California, with the final destination being Central California. A second driver will be waiting with a load from Central California that is Oregon-bound. So, the idea is these two drivers then swap their trailers halfway and return to where they originally started with the loads headed to their respective final destinations.

CCJ Digital explains with the analogy, “for the small Seattle-based carrier, the Interstate 5 corridor that runs the length of California and beyond to the Canadian border is a running track, and its drivers and trucks are the track team.” This is a single-lane relay strategy that will allow more than one driver to do multiple loads and deliver a combination of loads at once. Rollzi co-founder and CEO Damien Hutchins says that the “strategy and the technology go hand in hand; you can’t have the strategy without the tech, and the tech is not as valuable without the strategy.” The strategy is one lane at a time. Each lane has its own designated customers and dedicated trucks and drivers. Click here for the full story.