Rigs Without Cigs sees another year of success

Truck drivers are adopting a healthier lifestyle and putting themselves and their health first. The St. Christopher Truckers Relief Fund (SCF) is dedicated to supporting truck drivers, using the funds collected through their various donation programs to provide financial aid to truck drivers and their families in instances of the driver being unable to work due to sickness or injury.

The fund recently celebrated the overall success of Rigs Without Cigs, the truck industry’s only campaign committed to helping truck drivers end the habit of smoking cigarettes, which poses a huge risk to an individual’s health. The program was created in support of the American Cancer Society’s Great American Smokeout event, which occurs yearly to spread awareness on the risks of smoking.

Rigs Without Cigs first ran in September 2017 and has made an impact on the health of truck drivers. The campaign boosts a success rate of 40%. In total, 178 of the truck drivers who have participated have kicked the habit. Also of note, 124 drivers have reduced how much they smoke in half — or even more than half.

As more information has become accessible regarding the health risks of smoking, rates of cigarette usage have dropped over the last 40 years. However, with time to kill while truck drivers traverse ample distances, the addictive habit is still prominent within the professional truck driving community, SCF said.

The University of Utah led a study in 2019 which shed light on the reality that 68% of truck drivers smoked cigarettes on a daily basis. In an effort to reduce this percentage and help drivers prioritize their health, SCF committed themselves to the Rigs Without Cigs program.

It offers a variety of methods for quitting the habit, as they realize that not every method works for everyone. There are also professional tips and tools to help drivers in their journey to stop smoking. Best of all, the program is free to all Class A OTR drivers. This is owed to the fiscal, and sometimes products-based donations, from sponsors who want to help truck drivers adopt a healthier lifestyle.