Shippers turn to trucking for help meeting carbon reduction goals

Many corporations are committing to leaving a better carbon footprint their supply chain specifically is a place to start. Trucking companies are starting to begin preparing for this shift I supply chain and the impact it has on our planet. It is of most corporations’ target, that by 2050 or 2040 they will achieve carbon neutrality, in order to do so it is important to focus and improve freight transportation emissions. Right now, many corporations are in the process of collecting information to plan the possibilities of this shift.

It is also possible that soon, publicly traded companies will be required to disclose their greenhouse gas emissions as recently proposed by the U.S secretaries and Exchange Commission. They will have to include climate related information in their registration statements and annual reports. As seen in many different areas, trucking companies like Tesla, are looking into different technologies, equipment’s and systems to better improve the efficiency of hauls and our emissions. Technologies that allow things such as battery ran trucks and hydrogen fuel technology is becoming more and more possible.

These new technologies can really help with short hauls and regional operations for truckers. There are still questions about if these technologies will be able to sustain very long hauls and if it will be efficient for drivers who or on the road for long periods of time.

With diesel prices quickly rising corporations are eager to make operations more cost effective as well.