DOL, DOT Roundtable Promotes Safety in Trucking Industry

The U.S. Department if Labor held a virtual roundtable to raise awareness on the different safety issues within the trucking industry and how we can work together to combat these issues and concerns. The conversation was moderated by director of the department’s Women’s Bureau, Wendy Chun-Hoon. This event aligns with Biden-Harris administration’s Trucking Action Plan. A plan that seeks to improve training and safety measures within the trucking industry. Considering the trucking industry has already so many obstacle impacting turnover rates, it is important to change the things that can be changed. There are many different, push factors for drivers, that are out of their control. Things like higher diesel prices, and road closures, but this is something that can and is being addressed.

The Women of Trucking Advisory Board also played a key part in organizing this roundtable. Many of the conversations surrounded every truck driver, including women, have the right to feel safe in their workplace too. These efforts will continue to grow and help make the trucking industry better than it is today.