What do you like best about trucking?

Trucker Drivers USA is excited about creating a community where drivers feel like they can keep coming back. We asked our community of truck drivers, “What do you like best about trucking?”, many of the drivers expressed their joy for the industry for so many different reasons! Here’s what some of them said:

  • “Being able to see the whole country, it never gets old! I’ve only been at it a year, but this is a dream I’ve had since I was six..Other than that my favorite thing about it is the look on my son’s face when I get home for Home time!!!” – Brad Yorgy
  • “In my day I loved the idea of NO bosses, pick my loads or a area I wanted to run, doing my thing as I wanted to. Being alone.” – Michael Kinsman
  • “The trucks and friends I’ve made” -Clint Green
  • “Learning the history about places, uncovering hidden stories and things covered up or not mentioned in school” Mark Peck
  • “The freedom. As long as the load gets picked up and delivered on time and can do whatever I want in between” – Andrew Ferguson

As you can see many have different reasons as to why they enjoy the trucking industry so much! Want to be apart of the conversation? Click below to share your why and join our community!


Written by TDUSA