Small Fleet Championship Seeks Entries from Fleets with 3-30 Trucks

small fleet of three semi trucks

Get ready for the fifth annual Small Fleet Championship hosted by Overdrive. If your fleet has up to 30 trucks, this is your chance to claim the title for the best small fleet. The entry period began last month and will continue through July. To enter, visit the provided link. Fleets are divided into two categories based on size—3 to 10 trucks and 11 to 30 trucks. Four finalists will compete in early November at the National Association of Small Trucking Companies’ annual conference in Nashville, Tennessee, where the Small Fleet Champ award will be presented.

Overdrive Editor Todd Dills emphasizes that growth is a key goal for many readers. When this competition was started back in 2020, it became evident that many small fleet business owners were expanding beyond single-truck operations.

The Small Fleet Champ award aims to recognize the achievements of smaller fleets, which often go unnoticed compared to individual drivers and larger fleets. The award celebrates growth, innovation, healthy competition, sound business practices, and long-term stability within the small fleet community.

What’s in it for your small fleet?

  • Bragging rights for one year as the Small Fleet Champ
  • A title belt befitting a small fleet champion
  • Visibility through features on, including podcasts and videos
  • Coverage in additional publications

Beyond the prestige and recognition, the National Association of Small Trucking Companies (NASTC) offers additional rewards for small fleet finalists, including:

  • A stay in Nashville
  • Conference registration
  • Complimentary membership in NASTC, known for its fuel-discount and group-buying programs, highly valued by cost-conscious small fleets

Don’t miss this opportunity to showcase your small fleet’s excellence and join the ranks of the best in the industry. Enter now and compete for the title of Small Fleet Champ!


Source: Commercial Carrier Journal