Tech in trucking: How technology is changing the industry

With an increasingly digital world ahead of us, trucking companies are leveraging new technologies to help provide many benefits, not only in operational efficiency but also in safety for truck drivers.  Here are some technologies that are making trucking operations easier, more efficient, and safer for drivers.


Vehicle Safety Features

Smart trucking companies know to make driver safety a top priority – drivers make their businesses possible so keeping them safe is a no-brainer. New trucks now come equipped with a variety of safety features and technologies to protect both drivers and the public. For example, blind spot mirrors, stability control, lane departure warnings, automatic emergency braking systems and truck dash cams are becoming standard in the industry.


Improved visibility to reduce bottlenecks

Telematics is communication technology which monitors trucks, equipment and other assets. This allows live data streaming of location and vehicle information including speed, traffic, weather and other data. With telematics, more accurate predictions can be made about arrival times. There are also digitized tools available to track transportation fleets at entry and departure points, speeding up the checking in and out process, and making for a faster turnaround time.


Accessing real-time information

Using available technology, such as a Transportation Management System or TMS, drivers can access real time information to help decrease congestion and minimize waiting times. Tech based scheduling and TMS solutions can offer an accurate overall picture of how arrival times, dock door schedules and resources are operating. For drivers, this helps to increase their productivity and ensure faster loading and unloading times.

Fleet Management Software

Analyzed metrics can provide companies with greater insight into their fleets and how they’re performing. Some aspects these advancements track include: safety incidents; fuel management; hours of service (HOS) violations; engine hours; route performance; time on-site; and inspection results. Leveraging new hardware and software allows trucking companies to identify areas of improvement in their fleet management and see where they excel.

Trucking Apps

Downloading and using the latest smartphone apps can make a significant difference in a driver’s day-to-day life. Here are some popular apps truck drivers use for everything from parking to traffic monitoring to weather:

  • Trucker Path: Find the closest truck stop, available parking, weigh station, fuel stops, trip planning and truck-safe routing.
  • Rolling Strong: Customizable, and scalable wellness platform committed to creating a healthy culture for individuals, families, and in the workplace
  • GoShare: A tech-enabled last mile logistics platform that connects truck owners with businesses and individuals to provide on-demand delivery, moving and hauling services.
  • GasBuddy: Provides real-time gas price information at 150,000+ stations, offering cashback rewards on purchases with brand partners.
  • Trucker Tools: Features and tools to help simplify life on the road.
  • Waze: Reports real-time traffic alerts from fellow drivers and riders.
  • 1Weather: Provides essential weather info at a glance.

Check out these apps on the iOS App Store or the Google Play store, which can be downloaded on iPhones and Androids.

Advancements in technology will continue in the trucking industry to find ways to meet demands and stay productive but also to enhance driver safety, satisfaction and performance.