Texas fleet shut down for trying to avoid earlier FMCSA penalty

The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) declared a Houston, TX-based company, JPL Logistics (Jaypur logistics), an immediate hazard to the safety of the public and have immediately ceased their operations. Jaypur is subject to these cease after finding violations during roadside inspections, according to OverDrive. As reported by the FMCSA, “Jaypur Logistics had almost double the national average vehicle out-of-service rate (40%) and over five times the national average driver out-of-service rate (31.1%)”.

The FMCSA believes their lack of compliance will increase the likeliness of serious injuries and/or deaths. The order extends to the company’s agents, officers, employees and drivers. Also reported, failing to comply with said regulations can lead to up to $29,893 worth of civil penalties per violation, which will quickly add up for a company like JPL.