Ports slowly opening in Shanghai

The supply chain issues are not only domestic but also factor into international matters. Due to COVID and wars across the world there have been several obstacles getting freight across borders.

Shanghai is reopening most of normal life again. Life, business, and most importantly transportation will be returning to some degree of normalcy. This lockdown was implemented to prevent large scale spread of the COVID-19 virus. As reported by CraneWW most of these things will resume by June 6 after their public holiday (Dragon Boat Festival) on June 3rd.

Specifically, regarding ocean freight, the export schedule will be sparse at first but
gradually return to normal in June; however, with all factories re-opened, [they] expect volumes will also increase gradually”. Due to back logging, if clients can provide their needs up to 3-4 weeks in advance, that would be greatly helpful. Importing on the other hand should return to regular in no time. Air freight, like ocean, will also return to normal very quickly as demands on all fronts are high and continuing to increase.

Shanghai, China is the capital for import and export for many different countries across the world and the end of these lockdowns will aid the international supply chain in many ways.