Pennsylvania bill would mandate restroom access for truckers

The Truck Driver Restroom Access Act is intended to require retail and port restrooms to be accessible to truck drivers. As reported by TopMarkFunding, this bill would require businesses which normally restrict restroom access for employees and customers, to allow truck drivers access as well. “Were the bill to become law a business will be warned for first offense and then may be required to pay a fine of $300 for each subsequent offense,” according to their reporting. The Bill was introduced by Republican Representative Jason Silvis and has been supported by Republicans (10) and Democrats (2). Access to restrooms was an issue before COVID-19 took over, so after the pandemic took place things just got worse. Other states have done this with Washing state being the most recent. This bill must be agreed upon by both House and Senate to pass. The hope is that other states will see what is happening and follow in the same footsteps. Truck drivers have so many obstacles as it is so implementing, this is just one way to alleviate some of those obstacles for truckers, especially those on long hauls. Several bills have been introduced and implemented to aid over these past few months and hopefully it continues.