The best Christmas gifts for the best truckers in your life

Whether your truck driving loved one is spending the holiday at home or on the road, there are plenty of ways to make them feel special this time of year. Here are some of our favorite truck-friendly Christmas gifts:

  1. Portable steering wheel tray

For those who use the dashboard as a dining room table.


  1. Compression socks

While socks aren’t a very glamorous Christmas gift, they’re a life saver for over the road drivers.



  1. Polarized sunglasses

Not only do a pair of new polarized glasses make everyone look a little bit cooler, they could be life-saving for CDL-A drivers.


  1. Cup-holder friendly, heated mug

For those who have been stuck with cold, gas station coffee one time too many.



  1. Audible membership

The same classic rock CD may not be cutting it anymore. Give a driver access to thousands of audio books with an audible membership.


  1. Hanging toiletry travel bag

Help make those pit stops as efficient and relaxing as possible.


  1. Cup holder aromatherapy diffuser

Truck cabs don’t always have to smell like fast food and diesel.


  1. Car vacuum

Truck cabs also don’t always have to have stale french fries rolling around.



  1. Microfiber towels

For those who love to spill.


  1. Memory foam roll out mattress

It can be hard to get a good night’s rest on the road, but this memory foam mattress may make it a little easier.