The most heartwarming posts from truckers on Reddit

Big rig powerful professional industrial blue bonnet semi truck for long haul delivery commercial cargo going with refrigerator semi trailer on the summer road with forest and meadows on the sides

There is no shortage of disheartening and negative content on the internet. But with over 100k members on Reddit’s r/Truckers message board, drivers have shared plenty of uplifting messages and stories that may restore your faith in humanity. Here are some of the best posts from CDL-A truck drivers:

Reddit user /LordMackie got a nice holiday surprise from a stranger in 2019:
“A stranger knocked on my door and gave me a homemade Thanksgiving dinner last night and saved me from eating truckstop pizza for dinner. Thank you, it truly means a lot.”

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User /BiggHass18 posted this darling photo of their niece, checking out the rig:
“My niece had to do a report over winter break on a family member’s career she might like to have. She chose to come out with me on a run tonight. Super proud moment.”

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One truck driver got a rare compliment from a four-wheeler:
“Got this little message today, common courtesy goes along way.”

It must run in the family, user /Dorithoe shared a special moment with his dad:
“Two generations of truckers, and their respective trucks. I love my Dad.”

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Driver Jim March picked up a different type of four-legged friend while on the road:
“Had a temporary passenger this weekend. Turned him loose where there was a LOT less traffic than the road he was in the middle of…”

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One Reddit user had some kind words of wisdom for the CDL rookies:
“For all you new guys who don’t know how to back yet…”

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User /-life_starts_now- took time to do a good deed and clean up litter on their route:
“Got tired of being disgusted by other drivers being slobs and decided to do something about it. Be the change that you want to see in the world.”

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