Tickets on sale for Lowcountry’s 1st Trucking Expo; event aims to ease industry challenges

The trucking industry has been dealing with a never-ending driver shortage and in efforts of improving said crisis, a Charleston trucking company is looking to improve the narrative.

Hosted by CM Transportation this will be an event with two main goals. They want to connect prospective drivers with current operators, agencies, and vendors. Many times, the first step is the hardest so providing this bridge to a gap. Not only to each other but also to other resources that could help them get certified and to obtain a commercial driver’s license. Secondly, their goal is to improve supply chain management by connecting operators with vendors. With a truck driver shortage of over 80,000, any attempt to make a change within the industry is much needed and appreciated. CM Transportation is also committed to improving the presence of women truckers in the industry. By connecting with women owned small businesses is one way they plan on improving female presence. The official date of the expo is September 17 at the Coastal Carolina fairgrounds. Click here for more information.