Gold Coast garbage trucks go hydro in trucking game-changer

Rear quarter view of a hydro utility repair truck travelling on a highway. Shallow dof with focus on truck. Slight motion blur.

Australia’s first hydrogen powered garbage truck will soon be in the streets collecting trash and emptying bins. Australia’s largest privately owned waste management company, JJ’s Waste & Recycling, paired with Clean energy company Pure Hydrogen, are starting with a trial run. The idea of these trucks is that the trucks themselves will run on hydrogen produced from waste that would normally go to a landfill. Both companies want to be a part of the technological development required to create healthy lives for their citizens and for future generations. These trucks are set to start their trial runs at the end of the year. This new truck is joining the movement within transportation of zero-emission vehicles and overall electric transportations. The vehicle trials are very important to the companies to ensure that they are providing the safest and most environmentally friendly methods.