Truck driving students are left without training or licenses after school closes without warning

This past spring Esteban Hernandez set out to get his commercial driver’s license so he can start his career in trucking. He started a training program in Fort Lupton, Commercial Vehicle Training Program. He signed up and made his payment on the 4th of April. One day, he showed up to class, in August, and he found the doors to be locked. At the training center, there were more than 20 other students. They have receipts proving they paid thousands of dollars for the course, but they no longer have access to training or the CDL test. CBS News reported, “They reached out to the owner of the school, Michael Euglow, and he told them he would pay for them to take their CDL test, but many of them say they aren’t ready for that yet.”

Esteban feels they do not yet have all the knowledge necessary to take their test. They fear that they will not only fail the test but be a danger on the road and to others. He says they have tried to call and get a hold of the office, but they are unresponsive. “They don’t answer the phone, we don’t hear anything,” Esteban said. CBS News was able to get a hold of owner Michael Euglow, and he said that he would pay for them to take a CDL test. The students do not believe that this will happen and just want their money back as a refund. Euglow says part of his problem is finding a place big enough to house a trucking school that is affordable. He says he needs four or five acres. Commercial Vehicle Training Center has an ‘A+’ rating on the Better Business Bureau Website.

They closed their doors before more than 20 students could complete and get their certification. Many of them have planned around these courses and have bills and families to consider. These students have spent the majority of the summer waiting for a resolution. All the drivers have their receipts showing they’ve paid up to thousands of dollars and no CDL to show for it. They are also unsure about being able to complete a test should they have the opportunity to take one. We are hoping for a quick resolution to this matter.