Trucker spooked after ghost is filmed hanging on his rig

Do you believe in ghosts?! Truckers encounter so many things on the road, but a ghost is probably not at the top of that list. While leading a convoy at night through Argentina’s Cordoba Province, a trucker says he saw a woman standing as he passed the side of a road. 1035 Kiss FM reported that after he saw her, “he checked back on her by looking in his mirrors but she had disappeared”. Out of surprise and concern that she may have gone into the street he decided to radio the rest of the convoy for them to look, and to his surprise they tell him the woman is hanging on the back of his rig.

Those behind him recorded her there but moments after she was noticed she had vanished again. So shocked by what had happened, the truckers adjusted their plans to drive 80 miles out instead of sleeping in the town they were in at the time. Driver Jorge lastly tells us that he “didn’t’ believe these things until it happened to [him]”. Click here to watch the video!