US House Transportation Panel Passes FEMA Bill

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The House transportation panel has recently approved legislation that will help those who need access to federal disaster assistance. Rep. Garret (R-LA) sponsored the Expediting Disaster Recovery Act. This act will assist those who have unmet needs after natural disasters. Many relief programs are focused on immediate assistance, but this act is intended to prioritize long-term housing programs. As reported by Transport Topics, according to this bill, “after the declaration of a major disaster, the president may direct the administrator of the Federal Emergency Management Agent to provide appropriations, assistance necessary for meeting unmet needs as a result of such disaster”.

There were also bills passed that target the aviation sector of transportation. Committee Chairman Peter DeFazio (D-OR) expresses that he is “pleased that [his] committee passed bills …to strengthen the aviation sector and to help communities survive and recover from natural disasters. We are one step closer to ensuring uniform standard of safety…Communities around the country are being hit harder than ever before by natural disasters and extreme weather events due to the ongoing climate catastrophe”. Click here for a full list of bills that have been introduced and passed.