Trucking company spreads a little Christmas cheer by fundinding free admission to Christmas Wonderland

A local trucking company is sponsoring a night of holiday fun for families in Pennsylvania this evening. 

Watsontown Trucking Company and Patton Warehousing and Logistics groups are sponsoring free admission for families who want to visit Knoebels Joy Through the Grove tonight. 

President of Patton Logistics Group, Steve Patton, says that the idea formed while brainstorming a way to thank employees this holiday season after their typical company picnic was cancelled due to the pandemic. 

“From there, the idea grew,” said Patton to The Daily Item. “There are a lot of people struggling right now who could really use an experience like Joy Through the Grove but might not have the means.”

“The Patton family is doing an incredible thing to bring joy to the lives of complete strangers,” said Stacy Ososkie, Knoebels’ spokesperson. “We look forward to witnessing the happiness this will create for families who might not have been able to visit otherwise.”

Joy Through the Grove is located at 391 Knoebels Blvd, Route 487, Elysburg, PA 17824 and showcases over 400 lighted installations, which viewers enjoy from the comfort of their own vehicle. 

 Free admission will be provided to families who are in line at Knoebels Parkway by 9 p.m. tonight.