Trucking faces pressure to prepare for holidays early

With the constant supply chain shortages and issues, the holiday season is going to be an interesting one this year. The different pressures in the industry is making those in trucking get a head start on holiday shipping sooner than ever. “You already had last year a practice of attempting to advance orders and advance shipping to get ahead of congestion earlier than would have been the norm seasonally before the pandemic,” Paul Bingham, transportation consulting director at S&P Global Market Intelligence, told Transport Topics. “So that practice is now embedded in the minds of shippers.”

It’s always recommended that consumers plan ahead for every holiday season, but it’s even more so important this year. Shippers are working with carriers to discuss flexibility in their supply chain and utilizing different modes of transportation to maintain a well-oiled operations machine across trucking. COVID-19 shutdowns, delays due to the war in Ukraine, and high inflation are just a few reasons why supply chain issues are so problematic currently. Click here to learn how to plan ahead and stay ready for this holiday season!