Want to get fit while trucking? Start here.

Truckers on the CDLLife App and across the internet are sharing the realities of trying to stay fit while OTR, and it isn’t easy… Or glamorous. 

As one of the drivers looking to share their tips, CDLLife App member, William C, has recently posted a series of videos showcasing his strategy for working out and staying fit OTR, all from the relative comfort of his truck. His strategy includes a sauna suit to increase sweating and weight loss, dumbbells, and even a weight bench he’s managed to fit between the seats. 

William showcases just how he manages this in a video posted to the app, but also offers a written explanation. 

“Put the bench in between the seats,” he begins. “Let the air out of the seats, put the dumbbells in the seats,” he explains. 

Other drivers also took to the post to offer their strategies for using and storing workout equipment. 

“I just get a subscription to a gym that’s in all states,” offers one. 

“Resistance bands and a stepper,” writes another. 

One driver and CDLLife App member has even managed to fit a spin bike into the cab with him in much the same way William fits his weight bench. 

“Got resistance bands and jump rope. Not super consistent,” admits another. 

“Truth be told, walking to the restaurant or into the store for a recipe is all I’m good for,” agreed yet another driver. 

“Sorry, get my workout with a shifter!” joked another. 

“Only a few of us work out and care about our body,” lamented another fellow driver. 

In his posts, William even demonstrates how he secures his weights and bench to DOT standards. 

So, how do you attempt to stay fit while OTR? Are you dedicated like William, or are you more like this guy, just fitting it in where he can?

Gotta keep fit one way or another 💪🏽 from r/Truckers