Waymo opens a new self-driving trucking hub in Lancaster

Waymo has opened a 9-acre self-driving trucking facility that is due to hold hundreds of trucks in Lancaster. According to Dallas News, “it is home to 10 truck bays, diesel fueling stations, 6 EV charging stations and 36 workstations”. This will also bring more jobs to the area. There will be workers in the facility that will actively work on the maintenance and cleaning of these automated rigs. The company has about 20 royal blue trucks in the Dallas, Texas area. Waymo has been testing and driving in the state of Texas since 2020. Mayor Clyde Hairston expressed how it’s amazing that history is being made in this way at a time where time has somewhat stopped in this pandemic.

The company is looking at routes in Texas, New Mexico and Arizona. They have been testing the self-driving trucks on Interstate 20, Interstate 10 and Interstate 45.

Waymo unveiled their project and presented the hub to their community to share all the different functionalities that it will provide. Click here for the full story