What are the must-have gadgets every trucker should have?

Truckers spend long hours on the road and different kinds of technology and gadgets can add ease to their lives. Truckers use some of these gadgets on a daily basis and some of these can be used in specific situations.

Here is a list of gadgets you should have:

Electronic Logging Device (ELD): It is required for truckers to have an ELD in their truck when they drive to track when and how far they go.

Smartphone: Most people own a smartphone, but for truckers, smartphones can play a key role in their entertainment, safety, and navigation. The possibilities of the usage of a smartphone are limitless.

Dash Cam: This may not be required but can be helpful in stressful situations. When it comes to documenting accidents or driving time, a reliable dashboard camera is one of the most necessary gadgets for a trucker to have.

Bluetooth Headset: When you are on the road as much as a trucker, you want to be able to talk on the phone or listen to music, hands-free. Several states even have laws that prohibit drivers from using their cell phones while driving, so the Bluetooth headset allows truckers to ensure they are obeying the law and driving safely.

Tracker: With continuous movement and being responsible for such a large vehicle, it can be easy to misplace or lose things. Having an item tracker that you can attach to small items such as your keys can save you a lot of time!