7,912 trucks and 2,051 drivers placed out of service in U.S. during 3-day Roadcheck

The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s International Roadcheck has put many trucks and truckers out of service. According to Trucker News, during a 3-day Roadcheck, 7,912 trucks and 2,051 drivers were taken off the road in the United States. The Roadcheck was held May 17-19, and results as to what violations and findings were reported. There was a total of 59,026 inspections conducted by certified inspectors. They placed 12,456 commercial motor vehicles and 3,714 truck drivers out of service.

It was also reported that in “the U.S., of the 33,196 Level I Inspections that were conducted, 7,912 commercial motor vehicles (23.8%) and 2,051 drivers (6.2%) were placed out of service, according to the CVSA.”

The leading violations placing trucks out of service were:

  • Brake systems: 3,992 (24%)
  • Tires: 3,227 (19.4%)
  • Defective service brakes: 2,142 (12.9%)
  • Lights: 2,084 (12.5%)
  • Cargo securement: 1,647 (9.9%)

The leading violations placing truckers out of service were:

  • False logs: 1,901 (45%)
  • Wrong class of license: 1,045 (24.7%)
  • Suspended license: 251 (5.9%)
  • No medical card: 222 (5.3%)
  • Other: 205 (4.9%)

The CVSA highlights a different component of the roadside examination each year. Wheel ends were the main topic this year. Of the violations, tires ranked second and wheels came in seventh. According to the Motor Carrier Management Information System of the U.S. Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration, there were more than 50,000 “failure to use a seatbelt while operating a commercial motor vehicle” driver violations last year.