Fully loaded garbage truck crashes on Highway 3 before rush hour; lanes shut down

On Monday afternoon a fully loaded garbage truck tipped and fell over while on Highway 3 in Bremerton. As reported by Kitsapsun, the crash blocked one lane of traffic, but a Washington State Patrol spokeswoman said both lanes were shut down when tow trucks arrived, snarling rush hour traffic as workers from the Puget Sound Naval Shipyard head home for the day.

Drivers were stuck in traffic for hours before the lanes reopened after 5 PM. The crash was reported at 1:13 PM when the truck experienced a tire failure while driving. No other vehicles were involved in the crash and the driver left with minor injuries. A Washington State Patrol Spokeswoman said both lanes were shut down when tow trucks arrived to assist. Trooper Katherine Weatherwax was onsite reporting the opening and closures of lanes. They decided to have one lane open when Weatherwax said two Class A trucks were en route. They decided to shut down both southbound lanes once they arrived.