Widow of Trucker Donates His Gear to Help Trucker In Need

Floyd Hermes would have been proud of the truckers in the “People’s Convoy.” He was a real trucker. He drove up until February 10th, only two days before he passed away. He was only 69. His wife of 29 years, Corrine,  wanting to do something to honor Floyd, collected items from his rig like his coats, pants and candy and donated them at a collection site for truckers in the “People’s Convoy.”

She included a note that said, “My husband was still driving until 2-10-22. He died 2-12-2022. He is proud of you. Keep trucking.”

Las Vegas trucker Steven Phillips received this special gift and stated that driving in the convoy was pretty indescribable and that the gift added a whole new level.  He said, “It means a lot to have him riding in the seat next to me.  I’ll do him proud.”

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