Your 7- step guide to attracting millennials with what they want from trucking employers

If you’re looking to hire young drivers born between the ‘80s and ‘90s here are a few things that millennials want. These 7 factors could help you attract more younger truckers.

  1. Fleet transparency and culture: 84% of young drivers have expressed the importance of company culture. There will be more millennials likely to apply if you also prioritize company culture.
  2. Looking for more than just a salary: Similarly to the previous factor, millennials are looking for meaningful reasons to apply and stay with carriers.
  3. Opportunities to advance: Millennials are excited to learn and grow in their roles. They are looking for carriers that have the support systems in place to create paths for their drivers to always be learning something new and advancing.
  4. Ongoing and frequent feedback: Millennials prefer more frequent and short meetings to receive feedback. Some traditional methods of evaluations can still work, but minimally.
  5. Empathy and open-mindedness: This will go a long way within any industry, considering what millennials are currently living through.
  6. Benefits packages: On top of a good salary, this generaton is concerned with making sure they have the means to really take care of themselves. They have experienced so much uncertainty and a good benefits package can attract the right drivers for you!
  7. Flexible work arrangement: According to Trucking HR Canada’s Millennials Have Drive Report, millennials prefer flexible work arrangements, which are becoming increasingly popular across all demographic groups. Part-time work, flexible hours, or the ability to choose routes are examples of such arrangements.