3 questions to ask before buying an electric truck

The electric vehicle industry, especially trucking, is quickly growing. Many have hesitations when it comes to electric vehicles and the issues that could arise. Truck News has provided a road-map to ensure that you are getting all the details you need before deciding to buy an electric truck.

So, it looks like you’re finally going to take the leap and purchase your first electric truck for your business. Climate change is very real and you want to ensure that you are doing everything that you can in order to reduce your carbon footprint. We have some helpful tips for you to start learning what you need to know for this purchasing journey.

Here are three questions you should consider asking before making your final decision.

Do you know your charging needs?

Depending on the number of electric trucks you plan to have, there needs to be infrastructure to house and charge all those trucks. Do you know how many trucks you plan on buying in the next few years? Truck News tells us, “If the truck does not need to be recharged during the day, a 240-volt AC Level 2 terminal may be sufficient. A 240-volt charger and 15- or 80-amp service will, after each hour of charging, deliver the energy needed to travel 35 to 100 km.”

A single station can cost anywhere between $1,000 AND $4,000, not including installation pricing. That alone can cost up to $5,000 per charging station.

Do you know your operational needs?

Before purchasing, ask yourself what these trucks will be used for and where. Depending on the services you want to provide you will have to purchase certain kinds of trucks. With a still-relative range of 180 to 400 km, today’s battery-electric trucks are better suited for urban and regional applications. They also reported, “InnovHQ, the Hydro-Québec division that offers charging solutions for electric vehicle fleets, notes that the actual range of a truck’s batteries will actually be 90% to 95% of the manufacturer’s stated maximum charge. Drivers can’t access the remaining 5% to 10%.”

Are you planning on training your drivers?

Considering electric cars are slightly different, training will be required for drivers to be able to utilize new techniques that will help maximize their potential ranges. There are different tips and tricks that can be implemented to make sure you are getting the most out of your electric truck.