Latest Gatik automated trucking deployment in Dallas lands them another major customer

Fleet of autonomous hybrid trucks driving on wireless charging lane. 3D rendering image.

Dallas, TX – Gatik has been making waves by breaking grounds in autonomous trucking and most recently did so with their support of the deployment of automated box trucks with Pitney Bowes in Dallas, TX. Who is Pitney Bowes? Pitney Bowes is a worldwide shipment and mailing company that serves more than 90% of the Fortune 500 with technology, logistics, and financial services. They announced their partnership with Pitney Bowes with plans to integrate their class 6 autonomous trucks into Pitney Bowes’ e-commerce logistics network in Texas. They will begin this integration in the first quarter of next year.

Gatik’s class 6 fleet would then establish a continuous operational circuit across Pitney Bowes’ e-commerce logistics network in Dallas as part of the deployment. They will be making multiple deliveries a day. This will hopefully improve their logistical efficiency. According to Forbes, “The operations involve transporting Pitney Bowes’ shipments in a dense urban operating environment using Gatik’s vehicles purpose-built for B2B short-haul logistics. Gatik says the deployment ‘will establish a more responsive and flexible logistics network for Pitney Bowes by delivering excellent service levels and reliability, improving [the] speed of deliveries, and providing end-to-end visibility while lowering transportation costs.’”

CEO and co-founder of Gatik, Gautam Narang, said that their “partnership with Pitney Bowes reinforces the intense demand [they] are seeing for autonomous trucks that can operate within urban and semi-urban environments,” and that they are excited to help Pitney Bowes accelerate the improvement of their supply chain.

During their first deployment, the trucks will be accompanied by a safety operator that will monitor the performances of the autonomous vehicle. Data obtained from each shipment will be used to enhance the network design and identify additional options for reduction in costs and service improvements as Pitney Bowes looks to integrate autonomous vehicles across its national e-commerce logistics network. They also reported that” Pitney Bowes views Gatik’s autonomous middle mile solution as contributing to future-proofing logistics operations, increasing asset utilization, and shifting to a more direct, high-frequency transportation network.”