Big support of truckers from little girl becomes internet sensation


A recent lunchtime stop for a truck driver and his young daughter offered an opportunity to share how important the trucking industry and its professional drivers are to the country.


Truck driver Kevin Swisher says his daughter Letty was along for the ride with him earlier this month when they made a stop for snacks. Swisher wrote on a now-viral Facebook post that Letty was “all over the CB and giving the Trucker Salute (a nice big honk) to as many drivers as she possibly could.”


According to The Trucker, he went on to describe that when the two got in line at the truck stop, he heard “a woman (who) was doing nothing but complain about big rigs and how they’re always in the way and messing things up in the economy as well as the road.”


Swisher wrote that he and other truck drivers standing in line for food “were struggling to keep our mouths shut.”


That’s when Swisher said Letty decided the woman needed to learn a thing or two. She told the complainer that “Truckers like my dad save the world one truck load at a time, if you don’t like them, you should put back what you have because this is a truck stop and everything, like what you have in your hand and on the counter came here on a semi.”


Letty’s comments made such an impact that Swisher wrote the woman left the truck stop empty handed, and Letty received a round of applause for her speech defending truckers.


“As we made our way out the door after getting our lunch, a driver came up handing her this big bag of candy thanking her for her support and standing up for truckers,” Swisher wrote on his Facebook post.


“Once back in the truck we turned up the CB and the radio was nothing but drivers talking about how this little girl stood up for what she believed in, defending those who sacrifice so much for others to keep the world moving.”


Swisher’s original post has been shared dozens of times online and has thousands of Facebook likes.


Swisher told The Trucker that “Letty is ecstatic knowing her story has made the impact that it has.”