DOT unveils safety grants availability; House considers gas price bill

Let’s be honest, inflation is upon us and gas prices are no expectation. The house is getting ready to consider fuel-centric legislation due to said price increases. The Department of Transportation has announced the Safe Streets and Roads for all (SS4A). A discretionary grant of $1 billion to help with the current fiscal year. This program was established under the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act aimed at reducing the total amount of crashes on roadways. Many of the tragedies on the road can be prevented and avoided. According to The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, about 31,729 people were lost in motor vehicle accidents within a 9-month span. This new bill Biden’s administration is implementing will provide everyone with the necessary resources to have the safest roads possible.

In addition to the current efforts, House Democratic leaders plan to introduce legislation that is designed to address the ongoing price inflation on behalf of oil and gas companies. Republicans are not fond of this or Biden’s methods during this trying time. The average of diesel has set a new all-time record of 5.623 per gallon.